Friday, October 20, 2006

Chris Matthews: idiot

Did anyone else just catch Chris matthews on Hardball asking Johnathan Alter if he didn't think that the fighters in Iraq are escalating the violence because they know that will make Bush llok bad?

Matthews is ridiculous. In my opinion only, the violence is escalating because the people of Iraq are simply more desperate. No electricity, no safety, no peace. That might tend to make a people angry and desperate.
Just my opinion, of course.


t said...

You're right, the Iraqi people are getting desperate and angry after 3 1/2 years.
It's unbelieveable that there are Iraqi children that have never known a time when their homeland was never occupied by the United States.
And I'm sure many are orphans.
I don't think we have to guess what their opinion of America will be when they're grown up.

shayera said...

You know, what really bugs me is that we don't hear all the news from Iraq. And I don't mean the supposed "good news" that the righties keep harping on about. I mean the real news about the numbers killed and where the violence is growing. And the stories about families.
I absolutely agree that the kids are going to grow up and really detest us.