Friday, October 06, 2006

Gee, ya think?

Foley scandal clouds remaining Bush term

Bush is the head of his party. A party that knowingly protects child predators.
Bush should be blamed for it just as much as Dennis Hastert and Tom Reynolds.


t said...

Ever see the little character at the bottom of the Pat Oliphant editorial cartoons? The other day, a tiny elephant was saying to him,
"Why can't the Republican party have a good hetero scandal?"
And I think that's why Republicans are so upset. Here they are, always trying to keep gays from marrying (like we have no other problems to worry about, huh?) and one of them gets caught in a sex scandal...a homosexual sex scandal! With underage boys yet!
And the top house Republican - Hastert - says he's known about it for years and kept his mouth shut.
And just when Republicans were getting over the stories of priests caught with their hands down little boys' pants...

shayera said...

Well, they are trying to make it look like Foley was a Democrat (courtesy of Faux News) and that Democrats knew all about it. Which is stupid.
The reason Republicans have "a gay problem" is because they bring it on themselves. Democrats don't care. My feeling has always been why do I care who you love? What I care about it what kind of a person you are.
But for Republicans, it's wrong and they have to surpress and abuse homosexuals. A completely stupid way to behave.