Monday, October 02, 2006

Here's a thought

You know, I really don't give a damn about what happened with the pages back in 1983.
This is 2006. That's 23 years later. None of the same people were in charge back then.
But the guys in charge right now? Who knew that Foley was interested in young men that he had power over? Well, they didn't do a thing to protect those young men. In fact, they covered it up.
And don't mention Bill Clinton. Monica Lewinski was 22. These boys were 16.
It is not acceptable behavior from the guys who claim to be all about family values.


Roxanne said...


Chuck said...

Hi Shayera,

There's a long list of Republican pedophiles, but very few Democrats. If someone thinks that's a partisan statement I say google it. Having said that, it doesn't matter what political persuasion a person is. If they do that, they're sick and they need to be locked up.

And of course, you're right. What Clinton did was not pedophilia. It may have been adultery, but it wasn't sick!

shayera said...

Roxanne, thanks. It's been niggling in my head all day and I just had to blurt it out.
Chuck, when it comes to the really nasty stuff, it's always the Repubs. There's usually some adultery when it comes Democrats. But the meanness only comes with the Repubs.