Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mike Stark of Calling all Wingnuts attacked by Allen campaign workers

Incident at Allen Campaign Stop in Charlottesville

Calling All Wingnuts

Mike Stark has done some really great work exposing Republican hypocrites. He's a constituent of George Allen's. Seems Mike asked an uncomfortable question (regarding allegations about Allen spitting on his first wife) and was tackled by 3 Allen campaign staffers.

Heckler subdued at George Allen event

Letter from Mike Stark

*update* Um, let's see. First off, Mike's not a "heckler", he's a constituent. He didn't provoke, he asked a question. Allen, and his goons, could have ignored him. Instead, three men chose to slam Mike to the ground. I really hope he presses charges.
By the way, why is there a picture of Zack Space attached to the article?
Zack's running for Congress in Ohio. Which is nowhere near Virginia.
Zack Space for Congress

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