Friday, October 06, 2006

A morning vent

(feel free to ignore)

So, last night I get home from work to find a note from the apartment manager on my door. Seems she hasn't received my rent for the month and I have three days to make it good or consider myself evicted.
Unfortunately for her, I paid my rent online on September 27th. It was debited from my bank account on September 29th. Two full days before the rent was even due.
Okay, so I was angry, but I didn't have to be in to work until 9:30 this morning and the office is supposed to open at 9:00A.M.
I'm waiting outside the office 5 minutes before 9. No show. At 9:15 the maintenance man shows up. Seems the manager is at another property and won't be at my complex for another half hour. By this time, another woman is also waiting to talk to her. About the same problem.
He gets her on the phone.
She has excuses: "it's a new system, there are still glitches."
Uh huh. Well, you didn't bother to try and get in touch with me did you?
"Oh, it's not policy."
I've lived in this apartment for over 5 years. I've never been late paying my rent. Never.
And this fool, who's been working there for not even a week thinks she's going to threaten to evict me when I've paid my rent.

And then I come to work. And deal with the worst employee in the history of the world. Seriously. The fool can't memorize three numbers.
Last weekend he took advantage of a staff member from another branch who had been loaned to us for the day. By that I mean that he left the poor man out on the Circulation desk for the entire day. While my winner of an employee spent the entire day in the back room fooling around on the internet.
Turns out, that was his plan for today as well. Unfortunately for him, I'm at work today. Not like Saturday. He's been told that that was wrong and if he thinks he's doing that ever again, he's going to be written up and formally disciplined.
Civil Service wheels turn slowly. But they do turn.


Shakespeare's Sister said...

And this fool, who's been working there for not even a week thinks she's going to threaten to evict me when I've paid my rent.

I seriously might have killed that woman, lol.

shayera said...

I'm soooo angry right now, I can't even tell you.
She finally got back to me. And guess what! It was her error totally.
I found it so hard to be polite to her on the phone just now.
I swear I am moving next year. My lease expires just before YearlyKos and I swear I will be moved out, and in a new place and still go to Chicago!

Traci said...

what bull @5#%$#! I am mad for you at the whole thing..Hey I need a job hire me:) jk

shayera said...

Thanks Traci. You have to be on the clerk typist list for me to hire you.

Traci said...

I was just kiddin about the job thing...I would work for free 4u:)

Chuck said...

Even pissed, you are nicer than me. I've changed in my old age. :)

No one should have to put up with crap like that. To find out that she was in the wrong and then not apologize is inexcusable.

shayera said...

If I had made that huge an error ever, I would send flowers to apoligize.
This woman went on about human error.
No apology for the sheer terror she caused.
I wanted to flay her alive, don't get me wrong. But I have to live here until the end of July.

Chuck said...

I understand & feel for you.

If there's any "natural justice" out there, it'll come back and bite her in the ass ten fold one of these days.

Hope you had a good weekend Shayera!

shayera said...

Thanks Chuck.
I'm hoping she gets fired. But that would be mean of me to say.
I had a great weekend. Got to babysit. Maybe I'll post a picture or two.

sirlarkins said...

Oh snap! Library drama! Oh, how I miss it. ;)

As for the rent thing, I don't think her threat even holds water legally. Can you really evict someone on three days' notice? That doesn't seem right.

shayera said...

David! How are you? What's happening in San Fran? By the way, I hold you directly responsible for the drama, since the clerk in question was the one who filled your position. Kari promoted to senior clerk typist and has gone to rec and park. Roger is the one pulling his weight and more.
Yeah, the rent thing. She's an idiot. And she doesn't know that I have an in house lawyer (my brother) to kick her stupid ass for me.