Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Too bad Solomon couldn't do a little research.

AP Exclusive: Reid got $1M in land sale

Dear John Solomon,
Don't write about Democrats. You can't be trusted to do even a tiny little bit of research and be honest about the facts of the story you are writing.
Here's a quote from Kos with the reality:
Actually, he did own that land. It just so happened that three years ago, he transfered the property from his own personal name to that of an LLC.

It'd be kind of like me selling Daily Kos, and someone claiming I reaped a windfall from it because I "sold it three years ago". I didn't. Daily Kos became an LLC. As did Reid's piece of land.

And btw, this was all disclosed to the ethics committee. The place were things got sloppy is that Reid continued to disclose ownership of the land as a personal asset rather than ownership in the LLC which owned the land. But that's it. Fact is, the LLC had no other assets other than this piece of land, and Reid disclosed ownership of the piece of land.

Solomon is either being dishonest or an idiot. But watch the wingers and GOP try to gain traction off this story to divert from their coddling of a sexual predator.

Good try on your little smear job there, John. Too bad you are wrong!


demeur said...

They're desperate Shayera. They are grabbing for anything they can to keep power and it's not working. The rethugs I've talked to are not even going to vote in the Nov elections.

shayera said...

There is a godd deal of Republican depression going around. And I say good! Solomon is desperate. I don't know if you remember, but he's the same guy that wrote the article saying that Reid had accepeted tickets to boxing matches. Only, it turned out Reid hadn't. Solomon never had to issue a correction and in fact, the AP rewarded him with $500 for driving up attention.

shayera said...
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Chuck said...

That is so true demeur.

And what you said is dead on and is giving me great hope:

"The rethugs I've talked to are not even going to vote in the Nov elections."

I think the Democrats will have a much better turnout than usual. With more Republicans staying home and abstaining from voting, this is double trouble for the party of corruption and lies.

shayera said...

I'm telling you, I'm feeling much mor positive these days.

Chuck said...

:) We'll have virtual alcoholic celebrations November 8. The're hangover proof!