Friday, October 13, 2006

Two feet of reasons why I'm glad I don't live there anymore.

2 feet of snow hits Great Lakes region

As I was mentioning just yesterday,when I was growing up in a suburb of Syracuse, we would always have at least on snowfall before Halloween.
I can't imagine living in weather like that anymore.


Chuck said...

When I saw that on the news this AM I couldn't believe it. We had no snow but it was bitter this morning- 25 degrees. Certainly cold enough to snow...

I'm best when its in the 90-100 degree range, only here 100% humidity accompanies that. This past summer was the first time in my life when it truly kicked my ass. I was more comfortable in the mid-80s this year. I guess when you're pushing 50 its gonna happen eventually. ;)

shayera said...

I was wishing I'd put on a jacket when I left for work this morning. And it was only in the mid 50s.
I've turned into a wimp.

Chuck said...

:) I can understand that though. I'm extremely uncomfortable at 50 degrees too. So...25 hurt me. HA!HA!