Wednesday, November 01, 2006

And another thing,

Republican Mark Foley preyed on underage Congressional pages.
Republican Dennis Hastert, Republican Tom Reynolds and a number of other Republican lawmakers helped cover it up.
Republican George Allen publicly used a racist term. His campaign staffers physically assaulted a former Marine who asked Allen an uncomfortable question.
Republican Jim Gibbons may have assaulted a woman in a parking lot. He and his Republican wife are also accused of knowingly hiring an illegal immigrant as a housekeeper. And forcing her to hide when there were visitors to the house.
Republican Don Sherwood had a mistress for five years. He was arrested for choking and beating her.
Republican Bob Ney will be going to jail on corruption charges.

Those are just a few surface stories. You all know as well as I do that there are a huge number of other Republican scandals I've not mentioned. Why is John Kerry's botched joke worse than these actual crimes?
Oh, that's right, it's not. Don't let them change the subject.


t said...

I saw a 5-minute-plus segment of the speech Kerry gave and he really embarrassed the Bush administration (and Republicans in general).
He made some wonderful points throughout, rightfully ripping Bush and his congressional and senatorial followers some new a-holes. He seldom pulled any punches. So what does the Democratic party do? Make him apologize for a comment that took all of 6 seconds.
Nothing else in his speech got any press. And that's the really sad part. Yes, I realize we've known all these things all along, but to hear and see a top Democrat get pissed about the last 6 years was good to see.
The only Democrat who came to Kerry's rescue was Howard Dean.
The good thing about all this is that it won't have any lasting effect. By Election Day it'll be all but forgotten.

shayera said...

I know what you mean, T. Kerry's speech was a very good one. It makes me so very angry that Democrats absolutely refuse to stand strong. Kerry was not wrong. There was no apology required. But the circular firing squad convened, and he was forced to back down.

Chuck said...

It'll be forgotten until 2008 when he makes his election bid and then it will be front & center again.