Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dear Democrats,

For once, just SHUT UP! I really don't give a good goddamn if John Kerry botched a joke. What I do care about is regaining Democratic control of the House and Senate next week. For once can you guys stop pointing fingers at each other and keep your eye on the ball?
Last week Rush Limbaugh had the nerve to accuse Michael J. Fox of exaggerating the effects of Parkinsons. Limbaugh didn't apologize. In fact, the media twisted the story and made it seem as if Fox was the one being "unfair." Fuck that. And today, Bush is going on Limbaugh's show. As Shakespeare's Sister said, in a decent world, Bush would be meeting with Fox and trying to come up with a decent strategy to help sufferers of debilitating diseases. But in our current environment, Bush is going to go on Limbaugh and I'm sure they'll talk about how mean Fox was and how nasty John Kerry was to the troops. When we all know Kerry was making a joke at Bush's expense.
Kerry was not wrong. And he doesn't owe anyone an apology. But all you people running for office who are calling on him to apologize and asking him not to come campaign for you need to grow some fucking spines. Why are you letting the Republicans tell you how to behave? You know exactly what Kerry meant. And you should be standing by it. George Bush has absolutely no plan to get the troops home. In Bush's world, everything is going great. Why are you letting him get away with that kind of bullshit? What are you afraid of?

Here, let me show you how it's done: John Kerry served our Country honorably in the Vietnam War. He came home and served the fighting men honorably in the years after the war. He has served our Country honorably in the Senate. So he botched a line in a joke. Who cares! George Bush did not serve. He lied to Congress and sent our fighting men and women into a situation where he had no plans for actually achieving victory. Bush is the one that owes our soldiers an apology.

Eye on the ball. Win control next week. And then fight all you want. BUT FUCKING WIN FIRST!!!


Chuck said...


shayera said...

Thanks Chuck. You know how I feel about the circular firing squad. Can't we, for once, put the squabbles aside until after the victory?

Chuck said...

It shouldn't have been a big deal in the first place. It was just a jump & spin opportunity for the repugs. I didn't have a problem...