Monday, November 20, 2006

I think he should have gotten housebound imprisonment.

Driver, 89, sentenced in market crash

He was sentenced to 5 years probation. And while I understand what the judge's thinking was behind the sentence, I still believe that this man should be imprisoned in his home with a tracker. I remember watching the news the day this happened. And his car snagged a stroller and dragged the baby to death. Along with 9 other people. Not to mention the 70 he injured. And he got out of the car and said "they should have gotten out of the way."


Chuck said...

Forget his age. He sounds like a prick deluxe. And he had no remorse. He should've went to prison for the death of the baby alone.

"they should have gotten out of the way"

'Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson said he agreed completely with the jury and called Weller's actions callous and showing "an enormous indifference to human life."'

That says it all.

shayera said...

Yup. But I do think the judge was right, the guards shouldn't have to deal with all his medical stuff.
He just has never seemed to be sincerely remorseful for this. He's apologized, but it seemed like he did it because his lawyers made him, not because he really meant it.

Chuck said...

"the guards shouldn't have to deal with all his medical stuff"

Right you are Shayera and I hadn't considered that. Sorry.

shayera said...

Don't be sorry. You weren't wrong.

demeur said...

They say the good die young. I hope this guy lives to a miserable old age. In his present state that would be punishment enough and he gets to pay the medical expenses, not us.