Sunday, November 05, 2006

Is anyone at all surprised by this verdict?

Saddam, half brother sentenced to death


Chuck said...

Is anyone surprised by the timing?

It'll hit all the papers on the eve of the election. But, I'm thinking "not to worry". The only people gullibe enough to fall for this crap any more is their base. They've already got them.

But I can't help but have those pre-election jitters. News of Diebold "machine problems" are starting to pop up everywhere. Of all of the ones I've read so far, 100% of the "ERRORS" have favored Republicans. AND NOTHING BEING DONE! Imagine that.

demeur said...

Like I've said before demand a hand recount if things look fishy especially in Ohio.

shayera said...

Did either one of you guys see the HBO documentary about electronic voting? It's terrifying how easy it is to flip the votes.
I agree with you Demeur, a hand count is definately in order.

Chuck said...

I heard about it. I don't have HBO, but I'll watch it eventually on-line.

And yes, Demeur, you're so right.