Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Real news that's been obscured by trivia

He's A Soldier

Bush is on his knees thanking God for this fake controversy ginned up about John Kerry's remarks. Want to know what actual important news was pushed off the front page so that self righteous scolds could attack Kerry?
Well, turns out that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki told Bush that American troops had to be removed from around Sadr City. And so they were. Why were the troops there you ask? They were searching for a kidnapped American soldier. This is what the news should be about. Our troops were told to abandon one of their own on the orders of a foreign leader. And our "fearless leader" did. Bush has allowed our soldiers to be abandoned.
That should be the news story.


demeur said...

And don't forget Bush making fun at not finding MWDs at his private little rethuglican get together. How sick is that? Didn't hear an apology from boy George on that one did we?

shayera said...

That "joke" of Dim Son's make my blood boil! And no one ever questions him about it.