Saturday, November 11, 2006

Throwing some support Dr. Dean's way

Howard Dean Birthday Donation Project: Final Plan

As you might have heard, some idiot (James "I'm married to a Republican operative" Carville) is attempting to start a meme that Dr. Dean's tenure at the DNC has been unsuccessful and that he (Dean) should be replaced. And Carville is even helpfully supplying a name: Harold Ford.

Well, too f-ing bad for Carville. I, for one, think Dr. Dean has done a marvelous job at the DNC. The linked Kos diary has a way of saying thanks to Dean and showing our support.

I'm saying this not for the first time and I'm sure not the last either: James Carville is a complete tool. Dean's 50 State strategy is one of the reasons that Democrats made huge gains on Tuesday.


peter said...

Hi Shayera:

I agree. Dr. Dean has the long-term strategy in mind. I believe in this election that has worked well with more short-term success that has been the superceed, such as Rahm Emanuel's strategy. In my mind, it is not that one deserves moe attention than the other -- we just got lucky this year, by being able to implement short and long-term strategies that will hopefully benefit us in 2008.

This is an election for which more than one Democrat....and more than one Republican deserve credit.

It is very sad that James Carville, the architect of approx. 8 losing elections in a row, is throwing dirt at a fellow Democrat days after a wonderful victory.

Who needs opponents?

shayera said...

Hi Peter,
It really doesn't take long for the "circular firing squad" to form does it? And Carville complete has an agenda in pushing this little meme. I didn't link to the Mydd post that mentioned it, but Chris Bowers was very clear (and I agree with him) at he would start a grassroots movement against the DNC should anyone try to undermine Dean in reality. And Bowers really has shown himself to be a very smart guy when it comes to getting things going. I'd fear him.

demeur said...

Actually the Democrats didn't have to say anything to get elected this time around. We just sat back and watched as the Republicans shot themselves in the foot day after day month after month. I think you'll see a few impeachments before the real work begins. Sad that the adults have to clean up the mess these children have left.

Chuck said...

Howard Dean is intelligent, articulate, an excellent organizer, a strong leader and a sincere person.

So what's the problem, Carville?