Monday, December 18, 2006

Come one, Newt, run!

Gingrich hints at 2008 White House run

Despite all your wishes, speech still remains free. Without any muzzles. So please, run Newt run. We'll be happy to remind the public of your wonderful history.
You know, serving divorce papers to one wife while she's recovering from cancer in the hospital. Divorcing a second wife while having an affair. Yup, you sure are "Mr. Family Values!" Three wives. Wow.
Oh, and we also won't forget to point out your very failed Contract With America. You know, the thing that led to the most corrupt, do nothing Republican Congress in the history of, well, Congress.
So come on and run Newt.


sirlarkins said...

Let him run! He'll split the party, hopefully. He's clearly pandering to the lunatic wing of the GOP:

Gingrich: Imams should have been arrested.

shayera said...

He does seem crazier than he's ever been, doesn't he?