Tuesday, December 19, 2006

help out if you can.

Bad Luck

Mr. Shakes (Iain), husband of the super wonderful Shakespeare's Sister was in a car accident this morning. And the tricksy bastard who caused it just drove off without stopping. Things are hard all over, but a little extra hard in the McEwan house this year.
If you can, please drop a little something in the tip jar.


Shakespeare's Sister said...

Thank you so much, S. I'm much obliged.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for posting this...

I too, repeated the plea for help at my place...and gave what I could.

I figure, a few bucks from the lot of us, and a couple of big drops from the Rich Hippies will put them is a really good car in no time.

I wouldn't have known to help were it not for you, Shayera... Life's good, here in the B-Ranks!

The Community we have, and that we are building between us brings tears to my eyes.

Thank you, every day!