Saturday, December 16, 2006

how not to negotiate your library fine.

on phone (op): I just got back from college and got a letter from the collection agency about the books I took out before I went to school. I returned them in the book drop this morning at 9:30 and you didn't have the courtesy to be open at that time. Anyway, take the fine off my record.

me: Excuse me?

(op) Well, I returned the books and now I'm not going to pay the fine.

me: Well, the books were due in September. It's now December. When you got a library card you signed a statement saying that you would be responsible for all materials and fines on your record. You know this right?

(op):Yes. Wait, what. You have to take the fine off my card. {to noise in background: shut up you guys, she says I have to pay the fine.}

me: Did you get a receipt for the books when you checked out?

(op): Yes.

me: Did you know when the books were due?

(op): Yes. I just didn't want to return the books.

me: So, just to be clear. You did sign a statement making you responsible for your materials and fines on your record. You had a receipt with the due date of the books. And you knew what that due date was. You chose not to return the books when they were due. Am I correct?

(op): Well, I guess so. But I want you to take the fine off my record. I've dealt with collection agencies before and they'll take the fines off.

me: Well, I'm sorry. But you are responsible for paying the fines. I won't be taking them off your card.

(op):You suck.

me: Merry Christmas


demeur said...

Is that from the George W. Bush school of negotiation?

shayera said...

lol. It really must be. And believe me, I left off some of her more offensive comments. And didn't make up a word that I put down.
This child needs a lot of lessons on manners.

sirlarkins said...

I literally LOL'd. But yeah, not just lessons on manners but in accountability.

"I've dealt with collection agencies before."

That just says it all, doesn't it?


You're probably going to get a call from the Daddy now.

shayera said...

I knew you'd enjoy it David. She really irritated the hell out of me, I've got to tell you. The "I've dealt with credit agencies" line got me as well. I was angry when it happened. And then I put notes. Made me feel a lot better.