Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's the year 2006. Is there really any need to sacrifice anything?

Airlines workers sacrifice camel at airport

They killed a camel.
At an airport.
To celebrate a job well done.
Okay, I will admit that I've always found the idea of sacrificing a live animal to be horrifying.
But really, it's the year 2006. Haven't we moved on from this sort of thing?
They could have made a nice papier mache camel and burned it. Like they do in Taiwan. There really was no need to kill a living creature.


Mike said...

They wanted to kill an American soldier, but all flights from Bagdad were cancelled due to a sandstorm. So they iced the camel instead.

Bush ackowledged that "Turkey is a valuable ally in the War on Terror," and promised not to screw this up again. He told them he'd send a healthy 19 year-old Marine next time they finish a major project.

Anonymous said...

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shayera said...

No. This blog is affiliated with me. Why do you ask?