Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is Cheney trying to play the crazy card?

Cheney: Talk of blunders in Iraq is 'hogwash'

Cheney just seems to think that he can bulldoze through what he wants. He really seems to be divorced from the realities of the current governmental situation. He's no longer calling all the shots.


blue girl said...

He *is* so divorced from reality, that it is truly scary. And deadly. It's really unbelievable when you think about it. And yet, the media still speaks of him as the most important VP in history. And that could be true, in a negative sense -- but, the media rarely goes there.

If he really is walking around in a total fog and doesn't know what's going on -- don't you think his kids would tell him? Maybe not friends or colleagues, etc., but his children might pull him aside and say -- "Dad, the things you say make you look rather insane."

Maybe not. He probably scares them, too.

I think he's a sociopath. I mean it. I think he's "disconnected" in some way.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

There are so many contradictions within the article that it is truly astonishing. I could spend half a day just using Cheney's quotes in the article alone.

Instead, I shall just take this one:

Wolf, Wolf, I simply don't accept the premise of your question. I just think it's hogwash.

Now what exactly does he mean by wolf, wolf? I take it as one of these two plausible arguments:

1. Wolf! Wolf! is a reference to the cartoon Mighty Mouse. Thus he means a group of wolves trying to seduce and eat a single lamb until Mighty Mouse is there to save the day. The problem is the wolves are set up as such an inept enemy and Mighty Mouse is so perfect, there is no tension.


2. He means, "Woof, Woof" as in "Blah, blah, woof, woof...

If he actually means the first, then he either admits Americans like him are super-egoist who have set up the rules of the game as lies and cheats in an effort to make themselves look good.

Alternatively, he is arguing that anyone who is challenging the adminstration puts a spin on the facts that are not true. That would be fine except the reality is that no substantial WMDs have been found and more people have died in these pursuit of freedom than in 9/11. At what cost is he paving paradise and putting up a parking lot at the cost of American's lives and future finances?

If he meant #2 than he simply proves yet again what a bunch of C grade Yalies this adminstration is.

Either way, you've got to be kidding me!

Blue, I reserve the sociopath label for the truly sick: Karl Rove.

blue girl said...

Oh. I think Cheney might be "worse" than Rove. If not worse, definitely on the same deranged level.

No. Worse. Cuz he truly knows how to totally make it work for him. Rove doesn't have a 45,000 square house and oil money coming out of his ears. Rove is the one who's worked it so that his bosses get to get all that stuff. That makes him a little dumber, actually.

So, I think Cheney's worse than Rove.

shayera said...

How's this: I think they are both evil, malignant forces in American politics and have actively contributed to the downfall of a working system.
Both deserve to be behind jail bars for the rest of their unnatural lives.

blue girl said...

Yes, they are malignant.