Monday, January 01, 2007

I've been memed!

Shakespeare's Sister tagged me with this last week and I missed it.
So the rules are, I have to tell you 4 things about me that you didn't know and one thing that is made up. You have to guess which one is false.
I won't tag anyone, but if you want to, play along on the comments.

1. When I was 4, a friend of mine had a broken arm and I wanted a cast so badly that I tried all sorts of dangerous things to break a limb of my own. I would walk on high walls, ride my bike with no hands. All sorts of things like that. And I never broke a limb. To this day, I've never broken a limb.

2. Like Shakes Sis herself, I really hate to eat eggs. Except for maybe once every six months. The rest of the time, the mere thought of eating eggs makes me nauseous. Unless if it's in a cake. And then I don't mind. But I'll only eat cooked eggs maybe twice a year.

3. I once talked my way out of speeding ticket by playing the "fellow City employee" card. I got pulled over and "accidentally" gave the police officer my City id at the same time as I gave him my drivers license.

4. For an easy going person, I am very competitive. But only when it comes to playing games against my brother. My sister-in-law still talks about the victory dance I did when I beat my brother at Trivial Pursuit. The very first time she'd ever come to meet my family.

5. I pick things up very quickly. And I'm a perfectionist about doing things exactly right. When I swam competitively in school, I was more concerned about getting my stokes exactly right, as opposed to improving my times.


Shakespeare's Sister said...

I think the fake one's either 3 or 5. I'm going to say...3!

shayera said...

You're right, 3 was the fake one. I never had the guts to actually pull out my id when the guy pulled me over. lol