Monday, January 08, 2007

Koufax time again.

The 2006 Koufax Awards nominations are now open

The most joyous time of year for liberal blogs is here again!
Go forth and nominate all the super wonderful people who really deserve to win.
Happy Furry Puppy Story Time and Norbizness
Shakespeare's Sister
Republic of Dogs
Blah3 and Monkeyfister
Divided States of Bushmerica
Demeur (who doesn't have a blog, but is an amazing commentator)

I could do this for hours.
You know, all the truly wonderful people in liberal blogtopia (y!sctp).
Anyway, go give some truly wonderful people a nomination.


Chuck said...

Hey- thanks Shayera. I'm only partially back, so Happy New Year late.

I see that it's warm out your way. :) It hasn't really been a cold winter here yet, but we're getting a lot of cooooold rain which makes mud & cold & flu here. :(

shayera said...

Hi Chuck! Happy New Year to you too.
This winter is crazy. Last week we had a night so cold I ran one of my space heater for a couple hours. And then the very next night was warm enough to leave windows open. And we've had hardly any rain.
Hope the flu goes away soon.

demeur said...

Shayera, why you're making me blush. I only try to post the obvious and if I can help out with a little backgound info on any subject then I'm satisfied. I think that the many blogs like yours have actually had an effect in changing public opinion as we have seen from the recent elections. Keep up the good work and things will change.

shayera said...

Thank you, Demeur. But I am very serious. You are a really great commenter, which is one of the Koufax categories. You always provide something of interest and you deserve to be acknowledged for that.