Monday, January 22, 2007


Bush defends record at annual anti-abortion rally

As the song on the Stephanie Miller Show goes: "You're a lying sack of crap!" What a record he has! Under his reign, there were more executions in Texas. Under his oh, so stellar reign, over 3000 men and women of our armed forces have been killed in Iraq. Not to mention the massive number of Iraqi lives lost. So for this man to stand up and say that he supports a culture where every single life is honored is just a fucking lie.

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demeur said...

By the way Shrub is going to try to push his medical savings accounts "plan" in the Beeg Speech. My take on this, don't buy into it. It's just another tax break for the rich. Works like this. You put money into a savings account up to $10k to $20k you get a cut in taxes for the money in the account. You may use the money for any medical expense. At the end of the year and here's the catch all moneys not used go to the insurance co that administered the plan. Another windfall for the rich and insurance cos.
Now even doctors are calling for reform: