Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More updates for Bush: DEMOCRATS don't take control until TOMORROW!

Bush: Congress must limit pork spending

George, pay attention. For the last SIX YEARS it was your REPUBLICANS colleagues who controlled Congress. They were the pork spreaders.
I know these are all very hard concepts for you to keep clear in your little tiny brain. But try.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

It would be a stretch for him.

Today, Massachusetts first African American and DEMOCRAT governor is swarn in.

It's a good day!

shayera said...

I'm really excited about today, to tell you the truth. It's my day off from work and I'm up early to watch the hoopla.
I think Patrick is going to be really great for Massachusetts. I'm really jealous, since I'm stuck with the idiot groper.

demeur said...

It doesn't matter if the elected official is a woman, man, black, white, Muslim or whatever. What matters is that they are COMPETANT!

shayera said...

You are exactly right, Demeur.