Monday, January 22, 2007

Six years in and all of a sudden he needs a "domestic policy"

Bush speech to showcase domestic agenda

Blah blah blah. Just another way to try and get some more tax cuts for his super rich friends in.
Here's how Demeur put it: "It's just another tax break for the rich. Works like this. You put money into a savings account up to $10k to $20k you get a cut in taxes for the money in the account. You may use the money for any medical expense. At the end of the year and here's the catch all moneys not used go to the insurance co that administered the plan. Another windfall for the rich and insurance cos."


Adorable Girlfriend said...

My favorite is he is now going to work on auto emissions. Isn't this the same man who wants to drill in Alaska?

shayera said...

I think I'm actually going to gird my loins and watch his pathetic performance tonight. He's such a lying crapbag that it'll be interesting to see how much he's forced to bag down on.
And I think it's going to be a bit more exciting after the start of the Libby trial today.