Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Shakespeare's Sister

I'm stuck in a meeting all day, stick my head out for a minute and see that usless bag of wind Bill Donahue is trying to go after Shakespeare's Sister! Melissa has the perfect right to use whatever profanity she wants to in her rants on her personal blog. She, being a normal adult human being, knows the distinction between her professional life and her personal life. Donohue needs to shut his useless, stupid, backward, scum spewing, ignorant hole of a mouth.
I didn't say anything when she went after Amanda Marcotte, since I don't have any interaction with her.
But there's no fucking way I will sit quietly by and let one of the most brilliant minds in the correct thinking blogosphere be slammed.
By the way, none of that is meant at all as an "anti-Catholic" screed. It means that Bill Donahue is a creepy asshole trying to get someone fired because he doesn't like what they said. I don't care what his religion is. I think he's an asshole.

update: I just thought of something else. Doesn't Donohue repeatedly give pats on the back to Bill O'Reilly? Mr. "he's enjoying his captivity and rape" O'Reilly.
By the way, if Shakes really is fired, I'll be running lots and lots of posts full of all the vile hate that comes out of Donohue's mouth. It makes the Rude Pundit look like a little puppy. I will not let him get away with this.

another update: Here's what Digby has to say on this seriously manufactured controversy: And The Hits Just Keep On Coming


--mf said...

Testify, Sister!

I'd say you spoke it true.

Fantastic post, Shayera!


shayera said...

Thanks Tony.
Melissa has been an awesome friend to this blog (just as you have, actually) and I'll fight onto death to support the good people.
I think my anger on this is still simmering. But I was so delighted to see people with bigger voices online than me stand up for Melissa and Amanda.