Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Let the analysis begin!

Discuss what's going to happen. I'll start. First time for a wrap around cover for the regular US edition. And first time Voldemort makes it onto the cover.

First time all three have been on the cover.

The top picture is the American cover of the new Harry Potter book. The bottom picture is the UK children's version. The adult version has a different picture.


sirlarkins said...

On the UK children's edition there's a house elf surfing on Harry's back. Dobby? Kreatur? We'll see.

Otherwise, seeing the kids depicted as young adults is kinda weird.

(But not as weird as calling my friend's house and mistaking his 12-year-old son--who I've known since he was a newborn--for my friend thanks to his newly aquired deep voice. ::weirded out::

shayera said...

Good catch on the elf, David. I never even noticed that.

Imagine how I feel, I have friends with children old enough to be starting to drive!