Monday, March 05, 2007

Wait. What!?!?

FEMA abruptly closes trailer park housing Katrina victims

Yet more fine work from our government. So let me get this straight. These families have been removed from their houses due to Katrina. They're living in a trailer park. And now they've been evicted. Horrifying.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Wait, if I understand they were moved to another location. I think FEMA was fair. They wanted to remove people from living amongst raw sewage. Raw sewage happens and it is a problem. FEMA certainly hadn't planned or wanted to put people in this situation.

Since much of what FEMA does is temp work, relocating folks is the best thing. The article said it tried to help families be near the schools where their children are now attending.

Did I miss something?

shayera said...

No, AG, you didn't miss anything. I was just extra pissed off when I saw the title of the article. Although I do think that they've really been jerked around. But I can't totally blame it on FEMA, can I?