Sunday, April 29, 2007

And now, A Pause.

Hi all, I'm going on vacation. Which shall probably keep me away from the computer for the next two weeks.
So it's now time for a pause.
See you all when I get back.

Happy Birthday to my Dad.
His birthday is Wednesday.

Here's a picture of my Dad from when he was young.


Demeur said...

Vacation! What's that? Haven't had one in who knows when. Every time I've planned one something's come up. Hope to get up to Canada before you need ID and a DNA sample to get there.

BOSSY said...

Have fun, dear!

blue girl said...

Have a great, great, safe, great time, Shayera!

shayera said...

Thanks everyone! I'm having a simply amazingly marvelous time! Lots of pictures when I get back!