Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Hoyer: Iraq timeline not in new war bill


I am so GOD-DAMMED SICK of this shit!!!

Listen to me you cowardly, craven Republican appeasing Democratic cowards (I know I used it twice, that's how cowardly they are and angry I am): BUSH IS NOT POPULAR! YOU DO NOT NEED TO PUT UP WITH HIS BULLYING GARBAGE!!!

Do you remember back in November? We elected you to get the troops out of the massive, dragging quagmire that is Iraq!
Why can't you do that?!
Do you not pay any attention to what your constituents tell you?

I'm absolutely serious about this. At this moment, not one sitting Senator or Representative will be getting my vote next year! NOT ONE OF YOU! Obama, Clinton, Biden, Kucinich, Dodd. NOT ONE OF YOU!

update: I see that Dodd is not backing down. He goes back on the good Democrat list. Dodd and Feingold Fighting The Good Fight On Iraq

Still pissed off, though.


Demeur said...

You think it's time for a third party now? Need to get some 3rd party people in the senate and congress. What do you think.

Chuck said...

Russ Feingold- TOO BAD he didn't stay in the race for next year...

Yes, I'm severely pissed too Shayera (see my entry for today).

Demeur- You are absolutely right about a third party. We're way overdue for that. I think the more people become disenchanted (ridiculous word) with the lame Dems- AND THEY'RE NOT VOTING REPUBLICAN- then there's a fantastic opportunity for a strong candidate with a new, or at least non traditional affiliation. The time is ripe!

Shayera- CYE

Undeniable Liberal said...

The stealthy transition to an Imperial Fascist Dictatorship is nearly complete. And everybody never knew it was happenin'

shayera said...

I'm liking Olberman's comment tonight. He said he'd lay the special comment on the Democrats if they needed it. And he stayed true to his word.