Saturday, May 19, 2007

a minor grouse

So. The elections are what, almost 18 months away, right?
And I've added my name to a couple campaign's email lists.
But I'm not committing to any one candidate at this time.
And I'm not giving any money to any one either!
And yet, there is one candidate from whose campaign I regularly get mail.
And whose campaign has been calling my house at least twice a day for the last couple weeks (thank you caller id).
I haven't signed up on this candidate's list.

The people whose lists I've signed up on email me a couple times a week. They don't ever call me at home.

update: just to be fair and to be clear. I have absolutely nothing at all against the candidate in question. In fact, I think they'd be a great nominee and I would very cheerfully work to get them elected as President. I just think it's way too early to commit to anyone.


Chuck said...

OK Shayera, you've got me curious. Since I respect your opinion, I'd love to get an e-mail from you to find out (if you don't want to say publicly).

I really like Kucinich, but he doesn't stand a snowball's chance. He has brought legislation to impeach both cheney and bush. The man always speaks his mind and is not afraid of the beltway boys.

I like Richardson. He has the experience. He is an honest man. He knows international diplomacy. I'm afraid he doesn't stand a chance either.

Right now I'm behind Edwards. I like a lot of his platform and I can't vote for Hillary.

shayera said...

Chuck, email me and I'll tell you.