Friday, June 29, 2007

California residents say: "duh!"

California has worst U.S. traffic: study

Here's my example: last Friday it took me 4 hours to drive 126 miles. It took me 2 hours to come home those same 126 miles.


skippy said...

hi shayera! wow, i didn't know you were at the drinking liberally meet up! so sorry i didn't see you! my mistake!

well i signed up for the drinking liberally newsletter so now i'll know when they happen, and maybe we'll see each other at the next one!

Demeur said...

Another off topic note, it looks like Shakesville will be back up soon. I'd like to see exactly what happened.

shayera said...

hi skippy! no worries. it was mighty crowded. and like i said, by the time i spotted you, i couldn't even get over to you.