Monday, June 11, 2007


Okay people, I've weakened and signed onto both facebook and myspace.
Add me to your friends!


Adorable Girlfriend said...


Shayera, I can understand Facebook, but MySpace.

AG harumpphs and walks away shaking her head!

shayera said...

Sorry AG. I'm just following you advice: you know, trying to meet more different people. teasing! totally teasing!
It was a weak moment.

Demeur said...

Good luck on that one. I 've had a hard enough time writing a blog and getting it to work correctly. I did manage to put a new web pet fashioned after my guard cat. Check her out.

shayera said...

I saw your new pet. You and AG both have them on your sites. I'm going to become jealous.

Anonymous said...

You can find me at

Add me! Add me!


shayera said...