Monday, June 25, 2007

still being denied

Mellisa and her friends and co-bloggers at Shakesville have been hit by a really nasty denial of service attack for almost a week now.

But you can still find an open thread over at Shakespeare's Sister.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

I hate when the IT gods mess with Shakes and teh gang!

Love the new site layout!!

shayera said...

Thanks! Boredom forced me to fidget.

I'm going into Shakes withdrawal. It's really pretty f*ing bogus for her. Liss has had quite a hell of a year, hasn't she?

blue girl said...

Isn't it truly crazy that someone's doing that to her? Unbelievable. Really. Can't get over just because people disagree with you, they get all NUTTY like that. I feel bad about it.

Oh. And.

"Boredom forced me to fidget."

Love that phrase!

Chuck said...

The Peace Train has been having the exact same problems.