Saturday, July 14, 2007


Kucinich rips Edwards on debate remarks

Hey Dennis! How many times have you run for President now? And you're still polling in the single digits? Wow. That must sting!
and here's a quote from Elizabeth Edwards, which she posted at MyDD:

How about believing me?
John meant what he said in Iowa: he wants smaller groups (or longer debates) so that there can be an end to the notion that a candidate can skate through the debates with sound bite answers. Everyone has sixty seconds to explain their helath care plan and John's truly universal plan ends up sounding just like a "plan" to talk about health care. It does a disservice to the voters. Since no one (maybe not even the candidates' spouses!) would watch a three hour debate, it seems more sensible to have a series of randomly constituted smaller groups. Listen, John wants to talk about substance; that should be no surprise. And the format with this many candidates doesn't allow that to happen. If you have an idea that would work, let us know. Or better yet, let MSNBC and CNN know.

Kucinich's "outrage" is meaningless. Other than it means he's actually getting his name in the press for a change.

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