Friday, August 24, 2007

Darcy Burner

Have I ever mentioned how much I like and admire Darcy Burner?
Well, then I have been remiss! She's running in Washington to defeat Dave Reichert (boo!) in the Seattle area.
I had the great pleasure of meeting her at Yearly Kos and absolutely believe she's a candidate who will stand by her promises.
So go give her some money. You can donate either at her page, which I linked above for at Act Blue's Darcy Burner hub and give some there.

update: Just so you all know. I never ask anyone to make a donation if I haven't donated myself. Every single cause or candidate I've asked you to give to, I have given to myself.
And also, please don't feel obligated to give.
I just hope you all get the chance to learn about a really great candidate.


Demeur said...

Dave and Darcy are not in my district here, but given the fact that she didn't lose by much the last time, I'd say she has a good chance. The district they are in is upscale conservative mostly white professionals or as Shrub has called them "my base". I think it will depend on how the economy is going at election time because for the most part these people don't give a tinkers damn about most of the issues that affect you or I.

shayera said...

I think she's got a very good shot. She's getting a lot of interest around the web, which I think is pretty cool.
We'll see. It's a very long campaign season. But I think she's definitely got the hunger.