Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dear DEMOCRATIC Congress,

Bush, Congress duel for least favorable

Hi! What's up? Hey, remember me? I'm one of those people you sent hundreds of letters to last year, begging for my vote. You made me all those promises about holding Bush and his criminal buddies responsible for an illegal war of choice. For gutting the Constitution and our civil rights. For the illegal and treasonous outing of a CIA operative, who, by the way, was involved in matters related to nuclear nonproliferation. And you'd look into the illegal firings of US attorneys.

But seriously. What's going on with you guys? Why the FUCK are you letting Bush lead you around by the noses? Let the bastard continue to veto your bills. Get out in front of the cameras and (verbally) beat the shit out of him!

Why the hell are you hiding? WHY DID YOU FUCKING LIE TO US? Did you really think we wouldn't notice or care?

Hugs and kisses,

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Anonymous said...

You are speaking for EVERYONE who voted for those spineless cowards. As I did. Two days after the election, when I heard the two head cowards, Pelosi and Dean take impeachment "off the table", I immediately changed from Democrat to Independent. I will never vote for a Democrat again!!

They ALL made a deal with the devil bush...they're ALL in the same slimy boat...and they ALL truly disgust me....excpet for Dennis Kucinich, of course!

Keep it up, Shayera! You go girl!

Phoenix, AZ via NYC!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention....

Investigate 9/11...their story is an absolute lie! And they ALL know it.

Their 9/11 house of cards MUST come down or we will be in perpetual war
and this country will cease to exist. They want to turn America into a police state, and they're well on their way to accomplishing that...all based on the 9/11 LIE!

Google videos:
9/11 Press for Truth
Loose Change 2nd Edition
America: Freedom to Fascism
Terror Storm


Damian said...

Shut your piehole, twoofer. This isn't the place for your tinfoil-hat bull.

Anonymous said...

Damian -

You are SO very wrong.

The truth belongs EVERYWHERE.

Jayhawk said...

Two days after the election, when I heard the two head cowards, Pelosi and Dean take impeachment "off the table"
You weren't paying attention. Impeachment was "off the table" well before the election.

Darren7160 said...

Hi There. I am a C&L visitor. You are right on the money... The Democrats need to hear what you are saying. The status quo is not going to cut it when we are continually being sold out. BTW, know what they used to call a "Blue Dog Democrat"? A neo-con!!!

brobob said...

In order for the party system to function, it's required that our reps revere our constitution and are loyal to the citizenry. It should now be obvious to all Americans that our party reps don't fulfill this requirement and in most cases have complete disregard for it. I feel that when our candidates are financially supported directly by us, is when we will achieve having the reps we deserve and they our loyalty. The "net" party we have now is in its adolescence experimenting with newfound power. It will be through our maturation and strength as a "peoples party" that we will retain the country and our rights. Then we could truly be proud of being Americans. The dems and reps don't have a care for us because they're working in a different paradigm- citizenry be damned.

Depressed Dem said...

I just sent a copy of your letter and some of my own comments to my Senator. I am very discouraged by the performance of our Democratic Party leaders and members.

rcg said...

Great letter, shayera. But let's not leave this to becoming nothing more than verbally chastising these cowards & traitors to the party...There has to be a way that we can make them feel real political or financial pain...there has to be a way to get them out OR to make them actually come over to our side.

Some how/some way - Let's not just leave this to being more verbal "talk" that is merely ignored by Washington. Ideas???

And Damian - you should shut up with the "tin-foil" hat comments. The gov't has lied to us about 9/11. It takes no tin-foil hat to say that. Perhaps, you need to listen to this great free music on

Anonymous said...

My question is, did anyone really believe what the Dems spouted before the mid-term election?

They, our representitives on both sides of the aisle do not work for us; furthermore, they have not worked for us in a long, long time. The ONLY way to bring this country back from the brink of third world insanity is to get rid of the whole lot and turn the jobs in Washington into public service rather than personal power.

Vote "none of the above".