Monday, August 13, 2007

says the guy who came in 10th.

McCain calls Iowa poll 'meaningless'

He is, of course, playing the "well, I couldn't be bothered to participate" card. But he wants to be the front runner. Should the front runner have some sort of groundswell of support without having to go out of his way?

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Adorable said...

McCain is your typical fare from Bush Co.

First they act omnificient.
Then they get their asses handed to them.
Declare themselves the "Decider"
They lie.
Steal election.
Call young gay hooker.
Refuse to testify before Grand Jury and Supreme Ct.
Appoint buddies to said courts.
Refuse subpoenas.
Pardon buddies.
Get Presidental library and Lewinsky BJ.
Call them "Fomer" something.
Put on AG's list. Teh list.