Monday, August 20, 2007

Seriously. Shut up.

Women really do prefer pink, researchers say

Anyone at all who knows me will tell you that my favorite color is blue. And I am definitely a woman.
Pinks and reds are pretty, sure. But given the choice, I go with blue any day.
Hell, I just bought myself a blue laptop.


zoe said...

i'm wearing a pink top today .... but i prefer black anyday.

shayera said...

I've got black on today.
I'm looking around my apartment and the majority of the things in it are blue. Towels, chairs, bed linens, plates. A lot of blue.
And I'm going to a party Saturday night and the outfit I'm wearing is blue.

faboo said...

I read that article and thought it was a steaming load. I like my blues blue and my greens gray. What was that BS with "women prefer blues with reddish tints?" In my world, that's called 'purple'.

shayera said...

Yeah, but purple's all manly and stuff. And would totally invalidate their stupid premise.
You know me, when have you ever seen me where anything even vaguely pink?