Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tell me this is a joke.

9/11 health worries follow Giuliani

Mayor 9/11 is now attempting to say that he might possibly at some time suffer the same illnesses that are tragically affecting the many dedicated men and women who helped at Ground Zero.
I'm amazed at the chutpah. I mean come on. He's pulling the cancer card. "Look at me! How great am I! I had cancer!" Fuck that noise.
Giuliani is nothing more than a lying, cheating, attention seeking creep.
Too bad the press is so very happy to sell his line of bullshit.

edited to include this quote from the article.
Jimmy Riches, a deputy fire chief who spent months digging at ground zero for his firefighter son, scoffs at the very notion that Giuliani was at ground zero long enough to risk his health.

"The longest time I saw him down there was when President Bush came to the site," said Riches. "He doesn't care about the first responders, he did nothing to help them when he was in office or after. He didn't give us respirators until November."

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