Friday, September 07, 2007

Actually, what it reminds me is that Bush is a massive FAILURE!

Bush: Bin Laden video is reminder of 'dangerous world'

Remember when Bush swore that he'd get Bin Laden? Remember? It was "dead or alive." But, Bush clearly never meant to actually catch him. Did he? Bush wanted his never ending war with Iraq. And he lied and got exactly what he wanted.


big em said...

Right on, Shayera! I came across your post (via Maru's WTF website), and I have to tell you that I for one (and I suspect 10's of millions more) agree 100%! Remember how smug & ersatz macho and dismissive these Neo-cons were back on post-9/11 when they were all blood & guts/'send-in-the-Marines' talk about Al Queda & bin Laden especially? And W was giving his embarassingly bad imitation of John Wayne with his "dead or alive" threat to get bin Laden? Well now it's OBVIOUS to all (but for the 2 or 3% of the population that are reich-wing nut jobs) that W & friends are one or both of the following: 1.) Cynical, manipulative, Machivellian liars who -- for domestic political purposes and international oil control -- want unending war and do NOT want to find bin Laden (they would probably run the opposite direction if they found out where he is), and/or 2.) Horribly, untrustworthily incompetent at finding/capturing a 6'5",dialysis-machine dependent fugitive in sparesly populated mountainous regions of Afghanistan/Pakistan. Either one of these is enough to cement his title as 'worst president in the last 50 years', and put him in serious contention for 'worst ever'.

shayera said...

Thanks for coming by and for the comment big em.
W is definitely laying quite a lot of groundwork to qualify him as the worst ever.
And we've got 15 months of his embarrassments to come.