Tuesday, September 04, 2007

An evening.

1. My name. It's cute, nay, it may even be adorable. But one thing it's not is silly, stupid or funny. And it's pronounced Shy-rah. Yes, in fact like a shy cheerleader. It's not Chaira, Sara, or Shra. It's not really that hard.

2. My job is in fact a real job! I don't sit around all day reading books. I do spend much of my day supervising staff, helping patrons, and making sure the City's property is properly maintained. That's why I'm a SUPERVISOR.

3. I went so school 1 year less than you did Mr. J.D. esquire. And I actually took some time off between my degrees. You know, saw the world. So MY dinner conversation does not, in fact, consist of a monologue about where my life is going. Maybe you can speak to a job counselor if you're so very unhappy.

4. I have a cell phone too. I just put mine on vibrate. You know, so I could actually get to know you.

5. Yup. I was actually born in another country!

6. I know I'm overweight. Guess what? So did you when you asked me out. Since we'd met before. And by the way, shut the fuck up about it.

7. Pass on the good word about you to my brother? Are you serious? Excuse me while I break a rib from laughing.


Anonymous said...

Clearly this narcissistic superficial dope of a man did you the most enormous favor of exposing himself right away. This way you are free to find a real, intelligent caring individual that is worthy of someone as great as you.

shayera said...

Aw. Thanks. I don't claim to be the greatest of catches. But definitely better than that guy.
The search goes on.

robyn said...

Sorry you had such a lousy time. I'd mention him to your brother alright!

BTW, You are NOT overweight, you are voluptuous, zaftig, cuddly but overweight?? NO!!!!! I am petite and voluptuous- NOT short and fat!

Any man who can't see gorgeous when he sees it- not to mention smart and funny, needs to go back to school! He wasn't paying attentin in class.


shayera said...

Thanks Robyn! The vote of confidence is much appreciated. You know how much of a laugh I got out of the thing, so I'm not scarred. ;-)