Thursday, September 20, 2007

This Dodd guy's got some good things to say.

Dodd on MoveOn Ad Votes in the Senate

"It is a sad day in the Senate when we spend hours debating an ad while our young people are dying in Iraq. Now that the Senate has twice voted on this ad, it is time to move on and vote to end the war."

That's the full quote from his blog. Dodd's been pretty strong this week.


Undeniable Liberal said...


shayera said...

Since I'm currently undecided, I'm always happy whenever someone comes out with something good. And I think this statement of Dodd's is excellent.
I'm pretty happy with both Clinton and Dodd for voting against that dumbass resolution.

Demeur said...

The way the rethuglicans present this you would have thought Move On came up with the term 'General Betray Us'. No No this was a term used by his own troops and Move On was only stating that fact. It's pretty sad when you have to dig for the truth that's right in front of your nose.
By the way care to join Monkeyfister, Cupojoe and myself at Shut it Down 101707? You're more than welcome.