Thursday, October 04, 2007

I don't believe them.

White House denies torture assertion

If they've shown us nothing else, this White House has made it VERY clear that they're big fans of lying and secrecy. So I call bullshit on this statement that they didn't torture.


PoliShifter said...

I don't see how they can deny a signing statement. It's on record. Bush gave himself the authorata to exempt anyone he wanted making them able to torture.

It was attached to that McCain legislation supposedly meant to ban torture if I recall correctly.

But mostly as you point out, the Bush Administration has lied time and time again. We can't believe a word they say unless they prove it with facts, not propaganda.

From yellow cake uranium to smoking gun mushroom clouds to imminent threats, Saddam to strike, Al Qaeda and Iraq conspiring together on 9/11, WMD, etc etc etc...all a pack of lies.

shayera said...

They'll just keep on declaring that night is day. Just as they do every single time they're caught out on anything at all. Why should a little thing like reality stop him?

Chuck said...

"This government does not torture people," the president said. "And when we do, it's for legitimate reasons."

There you go.