Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Another letter from me.

Dear D.C. Democrats,
Hi, it’s me again. I can’t believe I’m writing you guys another letter. Because you’ve all made it very evident to me that you really don’t give a flying fuck for what my friends and I care for. After all, if you did, you might have actually made Mr. Mukasey, you know, actually say that waterboarding is torture. After all, Daniel Levin, actually had himself waterboarded. AND SAID IT WAS TORTURE! But you don’t care about that.
Last year you called me and mailed me and emailed me every day asking for money. And you promised me. Promised me! That you’d bring the troops home from Iraq. Except you haven’t bothered about that. In fact, every time the most unpopular President in the history of the ENTIRE PRESIDENCY demands funds for his war, you give it to him.
But you won’t actually bother to fund health care for poor kids. 81% of the population supports the SCHIP program. But you can’t be bothered to actually stand up to the President. You let his veto stand. It costs less to insure the children for the entire year than it costs to fund the Iraq War for one month. But you lost that one too.
What has been important for you guys? Oh yeah! Condemning the “harsh words” of your allies. Too bad it was his own troops who came up with “Betray-us.” And calling one of your own caucus onto the carpet. Yes, I guess it is so much more important to be polite and ingratiating to the opposition than it is to stand up for people who fight for you.

So here’s the deal. I’m not giving you guys any more money. Really. Even the ones I like and respect. Not one of you will stand up for the important things. Like the Constitution. Or human dignity.
Prove to me you’re worth something. Because right now, I don’t see any damn thing you’ve done that I’m proud of.



Jennifer said...

Grizzled told them the exact same thing and is reminding them everytime they forget.

faboo said...

Right on! That's prettty much the same thing I told every single one of my representatives. The confirmation totally disgusts me. You'd think they'd learn after rolling over on Gonzales. No, this time, they let a little theater and drama go on and they caved. As usual.

Adorable said...

Yeah, what Shayera said!

Washington is such a mess. Let's clean house in 2008 and start afresh.

shayera said...

Thanks guys. Seriously, this time around I'm only giving to outsiders. Ron Shepston, Darcy Burner, Donna Edwards. There are a few others I've met and respect. Maybe I'll set up an ActBlue page.