Monday, November 26, 2007

BushCo: corrupt on every single level

FEMA not the only agency to misrepresent

There was quite a lot of justifiable anger over last month's faked FEMA news conference. And today we find out it wasn't the first time that an employee of the Homeland Security Department has taken it upon themselves to be part of a news conference. Fire them all.


Monty said...

Ah.. imagine that. News that is faked or editorialized (that is every day at 6pm) and leading questions by questionable sources... sounds like a political debate. Or a 20/20 type news program interview... Reporters and news programs do little reporting any longer of facts, they tell you what to think... so does manipulating them surprise you?I hope not.

shayera said...

Whatever troll. After all, 20/20 employees ridiculous ass tool and liar John Stossel.
Stay in our deluded little world. God forbid any actual facts enter your world.

Undeniable Liberal said...

Ole Monty sure gets around. Why does he even bother?

BOSSY said...

Oh it's just so unbelievable.