Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Screw that

The most likable candidates? Obama and Giuliani are tops

Who the fuck cares? "Likability" as a criteria for picking a candidate. Fuck. That. Noise. In 2000 the media enablers spent countless hours telling us how super nice and great Bush was. And that Gore was a soulless android.
I will honestly spit in the face of the next person who is stupid enough to say that they will only vote for a candidate they could have a beer with. Or go bowling with.
Stupid fatuous jackasses.


isabelita said...

I got so sick of hearing that the Shrub was "A man's man." Of course a whole lot of Southern folks seemed to agree with that.
I think US leadership should be outsourced to, oh, New Zealand, maybe.

faboo said...

haha...soulless androids UNITEhere!

I just blogged on that dumb poll too. That Yahoo article was so horridly written, that I came away with more questions that answers. I mean, how the hell do you decide that you want to go bowling with Romney? Really.

Undeniable Liberal said...

I want the elfy looking guy with a message most of us want to hear....if only we would hear it.
The media obviously controls the message.

ken said...

What is wrong with a likable candidate. Believe it or not, there can be a candidate that is both likable and qualified.

Should we have voted for Nixon over Kennedy because Kennedy was too likable.

And let be honest, it did hurt Gore, not that he was not likable, he was just too stiff. He has since found himself and is more relaxed. But it was a problem.

So vote for the most qualified and likable, Barack Obama.

Edwards may be qualified, now, but he was a bore in the VP run.

BOSSY said...

Really. The last place Bossy wants her candidate is in a Bowling Alley. Now: a back alley somewhere with Barack O'Boyfriend? That's different. (ahem - you were saying?)

shayera said...

Isabelita, yeah, I'm with you on that.
Fabooj, who would want to bowl with any of them right?
Undi, Kucinich? Really? ;-)
Ken, Um, see, I liked Gore. Which really is beside the point. These "surveys" are supposed to convince us one or the other is the bestest most nicest person. Which really doesn't serve.
Bossy, you really are the funniest person on the internets.

Anonymous said...

The soulless android isn't running. Because he knows he can't win. He's too busy being a fraud about the environment.

shayera said...

Go away troll. Gore is, was, and always will be a million times better human than that idiot in the White House.

faboo said...

Oh, you're so nice...You gave Bush human status and here I am still trying to scrape him off my shoe.

shayera said...

heh, well, my Dad says I'm a little rude on the blog. So I'm trying to clean up my act a bit. lol

Anonymous said...

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