Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More bullshit from the Liar in Chief

Bush: 'I Doubt I'd Be Standing Here If I Hadn't Quit Drinking Whiskey'

Okay. Well. Kudos to him for finally admitting he was a massive drunk.
And then I call bullshit. I have a friend who's just disclosed that he is an alcoholic. He's written very publicly about his disease and the toll that trying to dry out on his own took on him.
There is no way that the Liar in Chief just quit drinking without any sort of consequence to himself. He's not a strong person. He's just not. He's a failure who has been bailed out of everything by his Dad and his Dad's friends.
I salute both the Liar in Chief and my friend for admitting their addictions. And I salute my friend for getting the help he needs. I don't salute the Liar in his attempt to show what a great guy he is.

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