Monday, January 28, 2008

A followup

From inside at 8:30. (It doesn't look like it from the picture, but believe me, it's waaay brighter inside now.)
And the view from outside.

With many thanks to Emma, of Eriepressible for the suggestion, I bought some window film for the sliding doors.
Some suggestions if you're planning a project like this: don't do it by yourself! I put the solid sheet up by myself Tuesday night. It's a bit wrinkly and bubbly. I consider it "character." And also completely privacy ensuring!
On Saturday, one of my friends came over and helped with the rest. She didn't think I should repeat the whole sheet on the rest of the window. "Shower stall" was the description. And, well, Hell, I'm easy going. So the left side window is her endeavor. Not the complete lack of wrinkles and bubbles.
Final verdict is that it's really great. Seriously, I get a lot more light in and no one can really see in. Even with the odd placements. ;-)


Emma said...

Woot! I'm glad it worked. I love it on my bathroom window.

By the way, I noticed you're on Bossy's Excellent Road Trip. Me too!

shayera said...

I hope Bossy's trip works out. I imagine she'd be a blast to hang with.

I can't even begin to tell you how nice and sunny it was in the house this morning! Truly lovely.