Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Help please!

Hi! Did you know I moved? I know! I've been all quiet about it. Don't you wish I'd said something?
Anyway, I need some help please. And I've got photos to illustrate why.

This is the view from inside my living room. "Why Shayera," you say, "it's kind of dark and gray in there". Yup, you betcha. And please ignore the broken slats on the blinds. The manager assures me that they'll be installing brand new blinds for me. So, that picture was taken at 9:45 in the morning. It's too dark in my apartment.
Open the blinds you say.

So, I opened the blinds. This is what I see. Everyone else's apartments. Anyone walking by. And what can they see?

Well, apart from the glare off the window, straight into my apartment.

Can someone please offer me an idea as to how to be able to open my blinds to get the light and still be able to keep people from looking directly into my apartment?
My idea is to get some 6 1/2 foot poles, and staple some heavy duty mesh onto them.
Can anyone help?


Emma said...

Maybe you could try what I did to my bathroom window: window film . It's extremely easy to apply and isn't permanent, so you can use it in an apartment.

shayera said...

Emma, you. Are. Brilliant! That's sort of exactly what I was looking for. Do they really prevent people from looking in?

Emma said...

The one I put on the bathroom window works. At night, when it's dark outside and I have the light on inside, you can see the outline of people moving around. But, at night, you can just close your blinds that your landlord is going to fix!

Incidentally, the stuff I got, I bought locally at a hardware/home improvement store. I just linked to that website because it was the first one that came up on the Google search. The style I bought kind of makes the whole window look crinkled and there's no space that is unobstructed.

Emma said...

Hi. Me again. I was just wondering if you found the stuff and if it worked.

shayera said...

Hi Emma. I got started on it. And it works great! A friend of mine is coming over tonight and we're going to finish it together.
I'll write up another post when it's done. ;-)
Thanks for asking.