Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just thinkin'

So, you know, I'm a successful(ish) single woman in my midish 30s. You know, supposedly the voting bloc of the moment. How come no one's bugging me to vote for them?
I'm feeling left out!


BOSSY said...

How did you keep your name off of everyone's email list? Bossy is getting a hundred emails a day -- and that's just from Michelle O'Bama!

Demeur said...

Consider yourself lucky. I get enough political junk mail especially as an election nears that I could heat my place for the entire winter. What I really hate is the phone calls. You really think I'm going to be influenced by some stranger calling me when I'm trying to eat dinner?

faboo said...

Um, feel free to vote for me. I'll do better than the mess o' them and I'll even find a place for you in my cabinet.