Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Where has the nutty woman been?

Hi! I'm still alive!
Monkeyfister and Jennifer, thank you so much for your advice about smudging the apartment. I finally got some the other night. I swear to you, after about 30 minutes of burning the sage, I felt a tingle run off my body and I literally felt noticeably happier.
I even smudged the balcony. My next door neighbor was telling me about the guy who lived here before me. He does not sound like a good guy.
Actual repairs have been made in the apartment too!
I think the oven is working properly.
And I finally got to install my own microwave!
And it's now possible to walk all through the apartment without having to contort your body.

So what's been going on?


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Glad to hear you are settling in.

shayera said...

Thanks AG.
Finally. A little by little.

Raz said...

We had the same at a house me and my mum lived in a while back: someone told us that the person who had lived there before was not the nicest. It's a strange feeling - like the person is hanging over the place. I hope you manage to get rid of him!

Miss Welby said...

hello Shayera, microwave saves me from starving: in spite of being italian and able to cook, i'm too lazy and it's sad when you are alone (but i enjoy it when with others).

anyway, i'm writing to you because i like your blog (that's because i too have a strong interest in politics and this is an important year in america that we watch closely from europe) and would love to exchange links. visit me and let me know. ciao! :)

Jennifer said...

Glad to hear things are feeling a bit more normal. :)